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                  The company was dounded in1986, the existing staff of 108 people, including profes-sional and technical personnel 10 people,with fixed assets of 20000000 yuan,covers an area of 9800 square meters.Specializing in the production of motorcycles, automobiles, bicycles and engineering machinery control cables,flexible shaft ,brake rod,have"xingye"famous brand,consists of hardware,tool making,rubber two branch.

                  More than twenty years,my company'sproducts rely on the excellent quality,high-quality service and reasonable price,to win customers,and achieced good reputation.Not only selling products,but also exported to japan,Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,Kampu-chea,Turkey,Pakistan,Germany,Brazil,Paraguay,Nigeria. Other countries.

                  To enable us to continuously improve the quality of products,our company introduced the latest production equipment and advanced detection equipment more than 200 sets of.Employment has more than then years production exprience of management person-nel,strict quality control,product performance and quality by Bureau of technical supervi-sion,quality supervision and testing,are more than 20% of the national standard or above,As with the international market,the company has been the implementation of ISO9002 international quality system management mode.

                  The trust of customers is the source of "industeial"rapid development,the company spirit of "Ming,courtesy,honesty and credit" principle,"Societe Generale" to create the perfect service.quality products,advanced technology.

                  Zhang jinfu Chung Kai,general manager of the company all staff look forward to your joining and cooperation,industrial parts is your quality choicel.



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